Bogazici Innovative Team is a new generation of students who works on innovative ideas and aims to develop technological advancements.

bit is based on student-academia-industry collaboration.

Students who share the same vision establish groups under the bit umbrella. Mentors from various backgrounds support our project based teams. As a result students extend their knowledge and strengthen their innovation linkages.

bit provides an online and physical platform for students to network and build their projects/start-ups.



  • There is no limit to information.
  • We believe that people under the right circumstances can learn anything.
  • Objectivity matters, absence of it makes the work unsustainable.
  • Humanity advances through easily understandable, learned and changeable work.
  • Innovative entities should be incentive and encourage sustainable work.
  • Technology is beneficial for everyone in the right hands. Challenging people to strive in innovation and stimulating their creativeness leads to success.
  • True advancement is not imitating but rather doing something that has never been done.
  • People who have courage to try are the ones stepped up to innovate.
  • Minds not connected to people and arts miss important details.
  • Beneficial values for nature are advantageous in a humanistic manner as well.



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