Bogazici Innovative Team is a new generation of students who works on innovative ideas and aims to develop technological advancements. bit is based on student-academia-industry collaboration.

Students who share the same vision establish groups under the bit umbrella. Mentors from various backgrounds support our project based teams. As a result students extend their knowledge and strengthen their innovation linkages.

bit provides an online and physical platform for students to network and build their projects/start-ups.



  • There is no limit to information.
  • We believe that people under the right circumstances can learn anything.
  • Objectivity matters, absence of it makes the work unsustainable.
  • Humanity advances through easily understandable, learned and changeable work.
  • Innovative entities should be incentive and encourage sustainable work.
  • Technology is beneficial for everyone in the right hands. Challenging people to strive in innovation and stimulating their creativeness leads to success.
  • True advancement is not imitating but rather doing something that has never been done.
  • People who have courage to try are the ones stepped up to innovate.
  • Minds which are not connected to people and arts miss important details.
  • Beneficial values for nature are advantageous in a humanistic manner as well.


Helping the ideas come true which make life more innovative and valuable


Creating a suitable environment that makes a contribution to economy, science and society with the help of collaboration between academia-industry-students



bit’s approach is based on experiential learning and interdisciplinary work through student centered foundation which makes it unique from competitors. Our priority is to support innovative projects without discriminating among universities or departments. Students can fulfill their consulting, educational and laboratory needs. bit with its student centered structure aim to eliminate barriers and create added-value.

Traditional methods are mostly used for quick economic returns. Since those methods are focused on economic success, added value projects stay behind the scenes. In addition, those that make it to the market lacks sustainability.

Entrepreneurship and innovation culture in developed countries enables students to improve through experiential learning and contributes to technology transfer which can be seen by the amount of patent and licensed work. Therefore developing countries should step up and build a similar culture. Student centered structures are one of the most important step towards creating a unique culture of their own. An authentic environment is necessary to encourage students which in turn would accelerate technology transfer.

Overall, experiential learning, interdisciplinary work and student centered structure are core parts of culture which bit envisions.


Field of Study/Research Area: Circle which demonstrates under which disciplines teams and their projects goes with. Intersecting circles show interdisciplinary spaces.

Team: Squares which represent at least one group of students. Teams can operate on more than one project which can also be research purposed.

Team Member: Members are the biggest body of our organization, they work on whatever they wish.

Advisor: People from various backgrounds and different expertise whom can be trusted on problems that students face.

Project: Certain teams' work on previously addressed problem in a foreseeable future.

Industry: Contributors from business world which can be project or team based.


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